Yuki Sato

Yuki Sato

Growing up in Hokkaido, North Japan, saw Yuki spent the first half of his life surrounded by deep snow. After graduating from university, in his early 20’s he began his photography career in Sapporo, and years later moved to New Zealand where he continued his passion for shooting still life, product, and interior work.


Yuki likes the moment when a random and unexpected element alters the perfectly controlled environment of a shoot.

A: The Enthusiasts C: Ti Ora

A: Plantation C: Novii

C: Shiseido

C: UFL Airports

C: Shiseido P: Ultimune

A: Plantation C: Novii

C: Samsung P: Waterproof

A: Easterbrook C: Babich Wines

A: Think Design C: JDE

C: Sony

Bubbles | Personal

C: Samsung

C: MW [Chenin Blanc]

C: Samsung P: Battery Micro


C: Blank

C: Famous Vodka

A: Vocus C: Orcon

C: Viva Magazine

A: Think C: JDE

C: Rosebank Road Cafe

C: Only Good

A: Think Design C: Bell Tea

A: Easterbrook C: Babich Wines

Bubbles | Personal

A: BC&F Dentsu

A: BCF & Dentsu

A: 99 C: Atomic

A: BCF & Dentsu

A: BCF & Dentsu

Personal: Shima's Leaf

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