Over the past 16 years IDC’s focus has been to develop photographers and in turn create inspiring imagery for advertising and marketing brands throughout NZ, Australia, Asia and the Northern Hemisphere.

As a result, we have tapped into and have on hand, an extensive pool of creative image makers, including award winning photographers, retouchers, CGI artists, stylists and producers.

Connecting and managing these resources have resulted in many long lasting relationships that have stood the test of time. This and producing measurable and inspiring work is the part of the job that we love the most.



Michele has always been totally committed to getting the job done right, and delivering excellent results every time, on every project.”


A delight to deal with from day one. Highly organized, totally engaged in the task and utterly committed to a great outcome for all involved.

PAOLA DASHWOOD | P and P Dashwood

Line Production: Leo Burnett Shanghai shooting Orlando Bloom. Photographer: Sebastian Kim. Client: Jack + Jones

With a roster of New Zealand’s premier photographic talent, combined with over a decade of production management experience globally, the team’s aim is to deliver high end campaigns and production service every time, on time.
Our production network extends throughout Singapore, Indonesia, Shanghai, Hong Kong, USA and Australia, and that translates to local knowledge, experience and the resources to deliver.

Firstly we listen, unless there is a particular photographer in mind, we take on board all the written and verbal intel so we can marry the right photographer/s to the task, whether that task is determined by style, by preference or by budget. Estimates are created, based on best practice scenarios. All eventualities and contingencies are considered and processed, then re-estimated and estimated again. Scheduling meetings, scheduling equipment, support resourcing – for example assistants, hair and make-up artists – scheduling travel, scheduling every detail to make jobs go to plan. All of those things are marked urgent, of course.
Our job is not done once fees are agreed and PO’s emailed, it then clicks into a whole other gear, project managing. Ensuring the shoot or filming runs smoothly, on time and on budget, all the while managing egos and expectations with fluidity, diplomacy and with ‘carrot and stick’ agility, requires quick thinking and consummate communication skills.

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