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“I love to find the stories behind faces and places.”


Daniel Max embodies the quintessence of a storyteller with a portfolio that spans photography, directing and cinematography. Always striving to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary maintaining an eye for the real and a curiosity for a story untold. His craft goes beyond capture; his mission is uncovering the soul of every story. He has an ability for creating an immediate rapport with his subjects, from big celebrities to young children and everyday unsung heroes. His deft hand ensures their stories are not just heard but felt.


Known in the industry as Maxy, he melds technical prowess with a remarkable ability to weave emotionally resonant narratives. His hands-on approach ensures not just ideas, but results. Maxy's journey in visual storytelling began with stills photography, through which he developed an eye for capturing the inherent beauty in both people and landscapes. He regards the human experience as deeply connected to the environment, a perspective that informs much of his work.


With more than fifteen years working in the advertising industry Maxy’s portfolio is as diverse as it is impactful. His expertise in understanding a creative idea, coupled with his love of working with people within the landscape, makes his work resonate on a universal level and has seen him collaborate with global Advertising Agencies and internationally acclaimed brands alike.
Hailing from the rugged landscapes of New Zealand, Maxy is not afraid of adventure and in fact actively seeks out the unknown and the untold.

"I love the fact that we live in a country that offers us such an amazing outdoor lifestyle and I love working on projects that get me amongst it.”​ Maxy​


"I’ve shot with Maxy across the world and under some incredibly challenging situations. He has always found solutions and produced results beyond expectations. His effortless technical ability and eye for a beautiful frame make capturing the authentic spirit of the people and places he visits seem easy.”

- Mick Stalker, Senior Creative Director | TBWA


Selected Clients


Colenso BBDO, TBWA NZ, FCB Aotearoa, Saatchi NZ, VMLY&R, Chemistry, Bastion Shine, The North Face China, Ogilvy Sydney, Icebreaker, Torpedo 7, Canon, Kiwibank, Fonterra NZ


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