Sacha Stejko

"Shooting feels like the most organic extension of me"

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 “Being on set after all the planning is done, working with the talent and the team to create something powerful, beautiful, storytelling, feeling the emotion. That’s what it’s all about.”


Sacha Stejko creates beautifully observed, insightful portraits that delve deep into the stories of her characters. Stylistically versatile, Sacha’s commercial work ranges from artful visual storytelling to raw explosive action.  Her approach conveys an appetite for colourful life experiences: from the determination and intensity of a teenager putting everything on the line for a chance to represent their country, to the sensitive capture of a deeply emotional portrait, or the visceral tension of a commonwealth boxer preparing for the fight of his life. Having captured stills imagery for international brands such as Opdivo, Standard Chartered Bank, Warner, Spark, Anchor, Adidas, Audi, Colgate-Palmolive and Fonterra, this multi scholarship, Canon Master and Award winning photographer approaches each shoot with a considered, passionate eye to each campaign.

Awards 2021

Luerzers Archive Top 200 Advertising Photograpers Worldwide 2021/2022 

1st place category winner, Kids. Spotlight Awards

Top 10 category, Sports. Spotlight Awards

Top 10 category, Portraits. Spotlight Awards

2nd place, IPA (International Photography Awards)

Honorable Mention, IPA

Canon Master. 2021/2022

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