Sacha Stejko


Having been raised in a family of actors meant that Sacha has always been involved in the arts, both performing and visual. This immersion, both in front and behind the camera, developed into a passion for performance and story telling which in turn led to a scholarship at Auckland’s Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design. This was quickly followed by winning the annual New Zealand Fashion Week competition, which saw her forge a path in fashion, sports and portrait photography.


Passionate about shooting both stills and video, her intuitive nature means that she is rarely seen without a stills or motion camera in her hand, and in her spare time you’ll find her in the dance studio.


“Sacha was great to work with. enthusiastic, collaborative, and with a relentless energy. She brought an attitude and drama to the images that really made the campaign.” Mick Stalker, CD, BC&F Dentsu

C: Saint Cuthberts College

A: BC&F C: St Cuthberts

A: BC&F C: St Cuthberts

C: Personal Project

Sacha Stejko: Adidas product film

C: Adidas

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